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Patek Philippe Replica Watches's latest piece, the Horological Machine HM6, is also known as Space Pirate. It has a futuristic design with innovative features. The watch has a striking look with the sapphire balls placed at each corner of its irregularly-shaped case. The two upper ones that rotate vertically are used to indicate the hours and minutes. Two lower ones that move horizontally, on the other hand are used to control the automatic movement of the clock and to reduce the shock it experiences.

This bio-design piece, which was inspired by the spaceship from a manga Captain Future, is centered around its rotating flying tourbillion. Its period of rotation is 60 seconds. The middle dome,Patek Philippe Replica Watches which houses the tourbillion, can also be covered by a special hatch to protect it from UV radiation. The crown on the left-hand side of the case is used to activate the shield.

The opening of the tourbillon gives an indication of the complexity. However, the true complexity can be seen when you turn the watch over and look at the sapphire on the back. The 475 pieces are finished with the utmost care. It took more than three year to develop the movement used in this highly innovative piece. David Candaux created it.

In the opening of the rear section, you can also see a section from its automatic winding system and its battle-axe rotor in platinum 950. The rotor, which drives two aluminium turbines,Patek Philippe Complications Replica is a luminous green. The frequency of the balance in the movement is 2.5 Hz. It should also be noted that the construction includes 68 jewels. The automatic movement has a power reserve that lasts three days. The movement only supports hours, minutes and seconds via the tourbillon.

The watch has a modern and unusual housing, as was mentioned. The watch is made up of two titanium blocks. It is also the aerospace type of titanium, which contains 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium as well as 0.25 % ferrous oxide, and 0.25% oxygen. The combination of these elements make the material extremely lightweight and resistant to corrosion, with minimal thermal conductivity. This futuristic armor's beauty is achieved by a combination of polishing and satinizing, which took more than 100 working hours.

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